London Spy Walks

I have spent the summer converting my world-famous Airbnb Experiences Spy Walks into self-guided walks. You can choose Mayfair or Pimlico/Westminster. These are even better than my public group walks. The Mayfair walk covers mainly Cold War spy locations and stories. The Thames walk, which starts opposite MI6 in Pimlico, covers a mix of more recent stories plus Cold War.

Self-Guided Walk: Cold War Mayfair

Question: What activities are great outdoors? Answer: A self-guided spy walk! Walk when you want, how you want.
View course £7.50

Self-Guided Walk: MI5 and MI6 by the Thames

Question: What activities are great outdoors? Answer: A self-guided spy walk! Walk when you want, how you want.
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No. 1 Cold War Primer: The Last 100 Years of Espionage

Bringing together my three walks into the same platform for the first time at a great price. Plus additional talks and optional Zoom calls.

FREE GUIDE: Citizen Detective Tips

About Paul

“I’m available to lead spy walks in London for private groups.  I started podcasting earlier this year and found it a great way to share my thoughts about spies and the Cold War during lockdown. My main focus this autumn is putting my walks online for everyone to enjoy, anywhere in the world.”


"Well planned tour with a passionate guide! Paul shared anecdotes and historical background to help us contextualize the sites. Enjoyable walk with many hidden secrets.”
Felicia, via Airbnb
“Paul brings the streets of Mayfair during the Cold War to life! Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the topic, I learnt so much and would happily do the walk again as there is so much to explore. A must for anyone with an interest in Cold war espionage and intrigue.”
Mark, via Airbnb
"Absolutely recommended to anyone interested in espionage, second world war, or simply likes to walk to the not so crowded streets... Paul is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic, we learnt a lot and also funny anecdotes about places, and the spies who lived or worked there! We enjoy the experience so much!"
Susanna, via Airbnb
"This is a walking and learning type of experience. Paul seemed very knowledgeable about his subject and highly interested in it. Paul focussed on relating real, true spy stories to us, rather than those from fictional movies and books. That was nice. Paul's delivery was instructional via engaging story-telling and there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We enjoyed ourselves very much and would recommend this experience to any spy enthusiast!"
Coleen, via Airbnb